June 13th-15th

There are tons of awesome garage sales in the area! Click on each location to see their address, what days they are open, and what they are selling! Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Garage sales are open 9-3pm June 13th-15th (Thursday-Saturday).

Contact the Keystone Agent that organized this Community Garage Sale! (Color Coded)

Pete Guazzo

Manchester Lakes, Algonquin



Huge thank you to Pete Guazzo for hosting these local Garage Sales! This is a must go to event in Algonquin!

If you are interested in getting information about how the community garage sales work, and what Keystone gives registrants to make their events successful, please feel free to reach out! We do everything from signs, newspaper ads, social media, flags, and maps to ensure the garage sale registrants have everything they need for a lucrative and busy garage sale weekend.

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